I'm Amy Grzina, owner of Grzinadesign, located in the St. Louis metro area. Half way through my second decade as a freelance graphic designer, I can truthfully say I am doing what I love.

Give me a pencil and a blank piece of paper and I’ll be doodling an abstract shape. A blank wall; I’ll fill it. A pile of papers; I’ll organize it. I never stop creating, thinking, planning or designing. Whether it’s your next logo or brochure, the process is the same. Every project starts as a very small idea that needs to be nourished with a little thoughtful design, resulting in a meaningful graphic solution.

Prior to my freelance career, I served as creative director and senior designer for St. Louis’ most respected organizations, earning the trust of clients on a wide variety of projects...from the most technically challenging, budget constrained, or confidential subject matter. I have created inspiring designs that have attracted the attention of many awards competition judges throughout my career.

I enjoy working on corporate communications, business to business communications, logos, brochures and pretty much anything that prints on paper. I believe graphic design is an element of direct communication, serving as an extension of your message or goal. It should accentuate a message, never confuse it. I'm known for my unique ability to listen and comprehend challenges and interpret them into meaningful graphic solutions.

Thank you for visiting my site. I'm ready to get started on your project today!