Sweet SinSation is a local custom bakery specializing in gluten free treats.


This logo is for a running coach and mentor.


The client for Side By Side Wealth Management wanted a gun barrel to be incorporated in his logo. While this is an unusual request, I was able to represent that graphic image and make it work with the "side by side" concept.


Panek Attack was designed for a fitness trainer and coach with the last name of "Panek" which allowed the fun play on words.

Logo for Only A Test, a company that provides tools for students to use to achieve higher scores when taking standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT.

Logo for Common Ground Public Relations. I was challenged with how to visually communicate the idea of creating "common ground" for this public relations firm.


The goal of this logo was to visually communicate the arts and faith communities coming together.


Logo for a summer camp at a private school for boys.

Logo for investment management company.